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Why Lisbon?

Considered one of the world’s most attractive cities to live and invest in, Lisbon has been named the ‘Best City Break Destination’ by the World Travel Awards for three years in a row since 2017. Host to the largest technology conference in the world, Web Summit, since 2016, the city will see an additional €2bn being added to the economy over the next decade. Offering many incentives and opportunities for entrepreneurs, Lisbon is also widely known for its unbeatable quality of life.

  • Investor’s market
  • Incentives for entrepreneurs
  • Quality of life
  • Tax benefits
  • Express route to European citizenship

Why invest?

Huge potential for capital gain. Prices are rising in Lisbon, yet well-located properties still have enormous potential for capital gain. When compared to values in other major European capitals, the average price per sqm in Lisbon is still low, especially considering the continued public and private investment pouring into everything from infrastructure to businesses. With tourism having risen by over 50% between 2012 and 2019, the demand for short and long-term rentals keeps rising, with major new business centres being added to the city.

Golden Visa

One of the most popular residency programmes in Europe, the Portuguese Golden Visa focuses predominately on investment in real estate and has already brought in €4.6bn into Portugal since the programme was launched in 2012. One of the main reasons people apply for this programme is to be able to benefit from freely moving around, living and working in any one of the Schengen countries, as well as having access to Portugal’s public education and health care systems. Applicants are eligible for a Portuguese passport after five years.

• Possibility of obtaining a Portuguese passport after 5 years of residency.

• Right to include your immediate family in the programme.

• Spend a minimum required of 7 days per year in Portugal.

So let’s recap.

Main benefits of the Fund:

  • No Income tax liabilities
  • No Purchasing Costs of 8%
  • No Property tax
  • No Maintenance management fees
  • Hassle Free, hands off investment
  • Only 350k Entry point
  • Full Family can enter into the golden visa immediately
  • You receive a good return on investment every year
  • After 5 years the Fund will be sold with an uplift

Main Benefits for the Fund:

  • Family Application (All dependents can apply)
  • Only 7 days per year visit or 14 days every 2 years
  • EU Card Is processed within 8 months
  • You can work, live, travel around Europe avail of Health and Education systems
  • After 5 years you and your family can apply for the Portuguese passport
  • No requirement to reside

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